Some colonial families are closer than others. I have certainly been privileged growing up knowing where a lot of my family has stuck together. I have spent time with them, and I have gotten to know many of them through the World Explorer from Ancestry. There are branches of siblings that are all over the place and that I have lost track of, but then there are those I mentioned that I have had the privilege of knowing.

A large portion of siblings lives in Western Kentucky. Get related discount codes and giveaways on their website. Another large portion of my offspring lives in South Texas. My mom's mom and her bloodline are the ones that are from South Texas. My mom's dad and his parents are the ones that are from Western Kentucky. As for my dad's relatives, that is where things aren't as fully fleshed out.

You see, my dad's parents lived in Western Kentucky until they passed away. I knew my dad's brothers and sister and their kids when I was growing up. We just didn't see them often, and that was about as far as I went with my dad's side of the genelogical tree. I know my great-grandparents names on that side of the family, but all I know is that much of the ancestors live in Missouri. My dad's twin brothers live in South Carolina and Kansas, and his sister lives in Oregon. He lives in Western Kentucky, and so does his older brother.

Even on my dad's side, I know enough of my AARP genealogical tree for it to get complex. Yet it pales in comparison to what I know about my mom's family. There are hundreds, heck likely 1,000 if you put them all together from both sides. It helped that each set of great-grandparents had tons of kids, and I even knew some older generations like my great-grandmother's brother, Uncle Bud.

In that instance, Uncle Bud was my mom's dad's mother's brother. You might think that he was just a family member I knew just a little bit, but this was a man we visited every week for a few years. We were really close to him and my Aunt Edith until they passed away. One thing my relatives always did was visit each other. That being said I am heavily networked across western Kentucky and South Texas.

I like talking about family trees because I had the privilege as a child of getting to know so many members of my descent. It is a little different these days. People grow up, move away, etc., and I have lived many different places. I still talk to quite a few descendants, but I'm also not the type of person to use social media for personal use.

My story ties back more to when I was a kid and to when I visit either Western Kentucky or South Texas. With one phone call, I'm back in touch with everyone, but I only routinely talk to certain people. I suppose it's that way for everyone, give a sale or take a coupon code. Each person has his or her own story when it comes to genealogical trees. Sometimes you have to dig, and sometimes you hit dead ends. Such is life, but we all know that family is more than blood relatives. That is an understatement that froze me mentally just pondering what it means to me.

The Different Pros And Cons Of Using Discount Codes For A Business

Several national surveys have shown that the use of coupons can have a beneficial effect on business promotion.  All people enjoy discounts and by providing discounts you are likely to attract customers, improve your reputation, and increase your profitability.  Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages to using these codes as well. Before opting to use gift cards, it is important to consider both the pros and cons of reward programs.  This article will provide information on the benefits and drawbacks of a bonus.

What Is A Rebate?

In its most simplistic form, the discount coding is a series of numbers and letters that can be entered at checkout allowing the shopper a special offer on their purchase.  It is also known as a coupon code and is similar to the coupons one would cut out from the newspaper, but is typically used online. Currently, there are three different types of coupon codes available for customers - the percent discount, the fixed dollar discount, and the free shipping discount.

The percent discount is a code offering a certain percentage off the order, ranging from 10% to 50%.  Of course, this reduction applies to the purchase cost exclusively and not to any shipping rates or taxes.

The fixed dollar discount is one of the more common options offering users set amounts off the purchase.  In the majority of cases, a fixed dollar purchase is tied to minimum purchase amounts, such as $15 off when you spend $50 or more.

Free shipping is another common incentive and is often combined with a minimum purchase amount.  For example, a person will receive free shipping if they order a minimum of $30 worth of goods. Typically, this type of bargain only applies to domestically shipped items and international purchases will not benefit from the coupon.